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Instrumental Compositions

3 miniaturas para Tiple (2014)

In Loving Memory of my Grandfather Vicente Barreto

  I. Amanecer
II. Paisaje
III. Fiesta

These three miniatures are a representation of memories from my childhood. The sun rising at dawn from behind the mountains of Bogotá, the beautiful landscapes surrounding the city and all the family celebrations. This work is dedicated to the loving memory of my Grandfather Vicente Barreto, with whom I used to play the Tiple as a child, one of the most cherished memories that inspired this work.

Juan Mansilla, tiple.

                                  Soledad (2014)
for Mezzo-soprano, violin and viola

  I. Vacío
II. Angustia
III. Resignación

"Soledad" (Solitude) is a song cycle that explores the psychological struggle of a perceived loneliness even when surrounded by people. This state of mind is portrayed through different techniques and theatrical aspects in the songs. The singer plays the role of the lonely individual while the players play the role of the surrounding society. The poem was written by the composer and has been divided in three parts for the song cycle.

Candice Shaughnessy, mezzo soprano - USA
Ashley Rewolinski, violin - USA | Simone Libralon, viola - Italy
Felipe Morales - Torres, conductor - USA

Performed at the Miami Summer Music Festival on July 12, 2015

Black Forest (2013) for Piano 

The sounds of the unknown world of atonalism and serialism. A daunting journey through that, until then, unknown Black Forest.

Emmanuel Berrido, Piano

                              The Calling (2014)
        for Bb clarinet, viola and piano

This work is inspired by the call of prayer, the dances and the people of Saudi Arabia. During several trips to the Kingdom, I have been in constant contact with a very multicultural environment in the heart of the 
Muslim world. This multicultural and multi religion environment made me think about the possibility of creating this calling to coexistence between middle eastern and western culture. Using the flavors of the 
region with the aesthetics of new music, expanding aural horizons with different techniques and effects. 

Mike Sanchez, clarinet | Pearl Fuentes, viola |Emmanuel Berrido, piano
Juan Mansilla, conductor 

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