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Tropical Wave, Chamber ensemble of the Gay Mens Chorus of South Florida - Parker Playhouse, June 2017

"Since Juan was a child, he was always waving his arms to the sound of music, with a big sense of, what I think, understanding of what he was listening" - Clara Mansilla

"During my Undergraduate and graduate studies at Florida Atlantic University, I always heard my Choral Conductor, Dr. Fleitas say that music shall never stop at the podium. That Idea resonates in my style of conducting. I am only a vehicle to express the collective effort of the ensemble I have in front of me. I just guide them and channel the music to make the most beautiful or jarring sounds, as pertinent with the score being played" - Juan Mansilla

Camille Saint-Saens Christmas Oratorio

Church on the Hill Chancel Choir, North Broward Preparatory School Choir and Orchestra. - December 2016

The Calling, for Piano, Viola and Clarinet

Juan Mansilla's Master in Composition Recital - Florida International University, November 2015

As a Composer and singer, Juan has been able to work with and under many conductors from he has learned and gathered a very special set of skills. His understanding of the score goes, sometimes, beyond the written notes on the paper to an emotional level. His work with non professional groups have given him the experience to be able to communicate very technical and advanced ideas in a simple way, and, in words of his choristers, conquer big scores.

"Juan has been successful in bringing out the best in our choir—whether we are 8 voices or 15! He showed admirable patience, resilience, creativity, adaptability, and tenacity. He guided us to bring a musical message of ministry to the congregation each week, with stories and praises to God. Juan challenged us to continue to improve in our musical skills, and provided new musical pieces to stretch us and raise the bar. Our special seasonal music at advent and Easter seasons was inspirational in challenging the choir just enough so we could feel accomplished and also successful. He was always focused on helping us bring our best on Sunday mornings. As choir member John Fenner stated, 'Juan always gently pushed the Choir to perform far beyond what we thought we could do...Juan was not only a great conductor and director, he was a magician.' " August 2017 edition of Vantage Newsletter, Church on the Hill, Boca Raton, FL.

"Out of the Darkness" - New Directions Chamber Winds

Fall Concert - November 2017

Selections of "The Messiah" by G.F Handel

Church on the Hill Chancel Choir - December 2014

 Camille Saint-Saens Christmas Oratorio

 Church on the Hill Chancel Choir 

 North Broward Preparatory School Choir and Orchestra. 

 December 2016

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