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Voces - Drama in one act 

Voces is a short drama in one act, where the despair of a young patient with schizophrenia struggles with a possibly final episode of hallucination. The story developed in a room at a psychiatric facility explores the fragile state of mind and the realization of self-control. These struggles and triumphs are portrayed through musical and theatrical elements throughout the work.

Katherine Maichel, soprano | Roberto López-Trigo, baritone
Diana Fernández, flute | David Aguiar, clarinet
Renata García, violin | Pearl Fuentes, Viola | Sada Adam, Cello
Emmanuel Berrido, piano | Juan F. Mansilla, tiple
Paul-James Trevor Webster, conductor

Aprendiz de Mago 

To my Father the great wizard who has taught me the meaning of knowledge and the passion for learning and teaching.

Juan Mansilla, baritone
Krizstina Kover, piano

Songs of Love and Lust

This song cycle, for soprano and piano, explores the "other side" of the inspiration. The dialogue of the muse to the writer/composer and how it becomes from an unreachable idea to her staying by his side. It starts with the "scoff" from her to him telling him that she is only an idea and song after song it develops to the realization of her asking him to stay and the last song, an analogy of a romantic relationship through the four seasons of the year.

Tiana Raechelle, soprano

Tim Peterson, piano

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