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Juan Mansilla Music

Composer - Singer - Conductor - Educator

Original Catalog

Juan Mansilla Has found his language through a wide variety of styles. From the most conservative tonal language to his incursion in the avant-garde style. As shared by some of his colleagues "Mr. Mansilla is a versatile expressionist within the style of the 21st Century."

His fast growing catalog has been said to be very expressive, emotional but very challenging for the performers. in his own words, "my music is meant to draw emotion and a reaction from the audience. I want my music to be an experience more than a piece in the background. I want my music to be memorable, not for the notes written on the paper, but for the deep emotions it brings out in the listener. My music is intimate, it is intense, it is, sometimes, difficult to listen, but at the end serves a purpose, it is a portrait of a state of mind".

Click on the Links to read more about some of Juan's Works and listen and watch some recordings and performances.

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